Wood Front Door Style Options

Feb 17th

Wood Front Door – Styles of wooden doors are distinguished by the details. Unless you are a Hobbit, your threshold is most likely rectangular. Therefore, more wooden doors start with the same basic shape. In addition to having a common shape, wooden doors are made from the same handful of woods such as cherry, oak, maple, ash, cedar, and pine. The types, sizes, and a number of panels or inlays, such as windows, serve to differentiate wooden door styles.

Wood front door with square panels comes in several styles. The names of these styles are subordinated to the company that produces the doors, as each one has invented another system of nomenclature for branding purposes. Square or rectangular panels can be arranged in any pattern that fits within the confines of a wooden door. Long vertical panels are oriented parallel to one another along the door in some styles.

Wood front door with rounded panels applies the same principles as square panels. Inlaid mounting or had raised panels in a series of patterns on the door surface. Rounded panels assume a number of forms. They can be rectangular with a round top, adorned with middle arches or be completely round. Completely rounded panels are usually more oval than circular. As the elongated shape of the oval is more congruent with the rectangular shape of a door that would be a circle. Some ornate wood door styles combine rounded panels with square panels in complex patterns.

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