What is the Standard Garage Door Sizes?

Feb 20th

Standard Garage Door Sizes – Garages for two cars are available in a variety of sizes. And it can connect to a house or independent. In addition, to protective vehicles and providing storage space, a two-car garage can increase the value of home ownership. The smallest standard width of a two-car garage is 20 feet, which barely enough space for two cars from side to side. A 22-foot garage will provide a small amount of additional space for storage.

The minimum standard depth of a garage for two cars is 20 feet. Increasing the depth of the garage to 28 feet will provide enough space for more vehicles or additional equipment such as a workbench or a shelf. The standard height of a garage for two cars is eight feet. And the standard size of the door height for a garage door for two cars is between seven and nine feet. The standard door width is between 12 and 18 feet. What about the United vs independent garages? The size of a two-car garage connected is usually based on the size of the house. And it can not be altered by the owner. If you build a separate garage, the owner can determine the size based on dimensions and storage needs.

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