What is the Best Lighting for Bathroom

Feb 15th

Best Lighting for Bathroom – Light and lighting have an important impact on our mood. And how we feel people’s biorhythms are influenced by light and darkness. If we know how to take advantage of the light properties of our bathroom, we can achieve a wide variety of effects.

The light of day is vital for many people. Since natural best lighting for bathroom marks our biorhythms and is, normally, an invigorating element. Bathrooms with their own daylight are very general to be able to ventilate simply by the window. Although we can also find bathrooms without windows that need artificial light at night or days with low light.

Cold or warm light? What is the color of best lighting for bathroom? The warm light has a yellowish hue whose color temperature is below 3300 Kelvin. Therefore, we believe that this type of soft light is very comfortable and pleasant. The light in neutral white tone seems the typical artificial light and brings a sober aspect to the interior. From a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin a daylight white is produced, that is, a color of light that can be compared with natural daylight and has a stimulating effect. In this context, it is easier to find the right lighting for different situations.

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