Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Set Ideas

Feb 19th

Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting – Learn how to put lights on kitchen furniture (ledges). That is to keep the working area of the countertop lit. The most usual thing in a kitchen, as in any other room is that the points of light are on the ceiling. That install the recessed spotlights, fluorescents or lamps. But this position is not always the best option to light up a kitchen because, when cooking, we cover the light ourselves and cause a shadow on the countertop.

So that this does not happen the ideal thing is to place complementary points of under kitchen cabinet lighting on the countertop. It is usually under the furniture above. So, that the area where we cook is well lit. You can also install lights inside the kitchen cabinets and cupboards. It is to illuminate the furniture where there is not much natural light.

After changing the kitchen countertop for one of natural wood (you can see how I did it here). And continue with the improvements to renovate it without works. One of the points that had to be improved in the kitchen was the lighting. And with these LED under kitchen cabinet lighting ledges of low consumption the kitchen has been much more illuminated and cozy.

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