The Benefits of White Barn Door

Feb 15th

White Barn Door – When deciding on an interior design project what kind of doors can be more functional and practical, sliding doors are an option to consider if we have little space. The white lacquered wooden sliding doors are thicker than the sliding glass doors, approximately 4.5 cm, so they have more presence as a separating element when the sliding door is closed. Unlike sliding glass doors, they provide continuity to the wall until we open and hide it.

The sliding white barn door has the main advantage optimize interior space of a stay and allow us to take advantage of small spaces. In addition, to separate two environments on those occasions that interest us. Therefore, if we include the installation of a sliding door in the interior design project of our house. We will be able to generate more space by combining two rooms, which individually are smaller.

We will manage to merge spaces. And give more space to the rooms that share the sliding white barn door. When open the door, the first space is add to the second space. Lengthen the spaces, especially if the sliding door goes from floor to ceiling. Basic because the moment we open it, spatial continuity, amplitude, a fusion of ceilings will be in form. Otherwise, visually the wall would impede that continuity.

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