Steps to Install Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Feb 17th

Bathroom Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting can be modernized and lightened anywhere in your home and can be placed almost anywhere. This lighting is easily separated to give maximum illumination of the specific work areas of your home. For this reason, lighting is popular in many kitchens, where it is used to illuminate islands and countertops. Installation of recessed lighting can take a little more work than changing an existing lamp, but can usually be installed in a room in less than a day.

Find and mark the roof beams with a beam detector and a pencil. And, determine the spacing of the bathroom recessed lighting cans. The cans should be located near the roof rafters, and about five feet away. Place the side of the roof and trace around it with a pencil you can mark the desired location. Then, remove the current lighting fixture, and then disconnect the wiring.

Make holes in the ceiling with a puzzle in which you keep track of the bathroom recessed lighting. Moreover, connect the lights can be recessed to the existing electrical box in the ceiling with an electric cable. Fix the lights can be recessed in the ceiling according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Furthermore, the lights can be recessed. And most are secured to the roof beams. Connect the recessed light wiring. Last, push the decorative pieces into place in the recessed can lights. The special pieces must fit easily in their place.

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