Standard Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures Height

Feb 20th

Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures РWall lamps are usually installed for ambiance or spirit lighting. There is no precise regular height for wall lamps. The correct height for any appliqu̩ depends on numerous factors. Such as the design and purpose of the light, the style of the decoration and the height of the ceiling. Take all this into account when determining the height at which an applique will work best in your home.

Outdoor wall lighting fixtures that are installed for a particular task. Such as toilet cleaning in the bathroom or reading in bed, require a certain height that makes sense. Two wall lamps on either side of a bathroom or in the bedroom mirror should be installed slightly above eye level. For example, install the lights at about 60 to 66 inches (1.5 to 1.7 m) from the floor on either side of a mirror that hangs over a dresser. Install wall lamps just above the head of the bed. Or a few inches above where your head is when you sit on the bed to read.

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Install the outdoor wall lighting fixtures at a height that prevents a blinding or dazzling effect. Other lights, such as a string of lights, can be installed on the floor or on the ceiling to give a little light in a home theater or along a corridor. Hang wall sconces just above or below special artwork to highlight the piece without the need to create a glow or shade. Use wall lamps as accent lighting to create a soft glow in the room for a sense of comfort. Appliques that have colored glass tops or a regulator provide a soft, warmer glow.

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