Standard Front Door Size Consideration

Feb 19th

Standard Front Door Size – If you have a good budget and you work with a good door manufacturer. The size of the interior doors of your project will be the one you want. As in everything, if you want, and can, allow yourself what it is worth to get out of standard door measures, you can do it. Is it your case? Do you need to work with different door sizes than usual?

But we know that this situation of standard front door size is not frequent. The normal thing is to be limited by a budget that in the end forces us to use standard door measures. The size of the most used interior doors, or standard door size, have a common height of 2,030 mm and different widths to choose from 425, 525, 625, 725, 825 and 925 mm.

This standard front door size is also applicable to both doors simple wooden interior doors of any dwelling. And the technical doors that may be required in other types of buildings. Such as acoustic doors, fire doors or RF doors, special doors, etc. We insist on the importance of not commissioning doors according to the standard door size offered by construction plans. But to measure the real height and width of the opening of each door.

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