Solar Landscape Lighting for Bright Light

Feb 13th

Solar Landscape Lighting – Landscape solar lights come with rechargeable batteries that are designed to last from one to two years. When they start to go, however, the lights tend to be dimmer. This can be rectified by changing the batteries. Solar lights can also appear weak if they are not fully charged when it is new, or if they are placed in an inappropriate location.

Fully charge the solar landscape lighting when they arrive outside the box for the first time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the initial charge. Put them on the ground on a bright sunny day so they get as much light as possible before night falls. Check how much light the solar landscape lights receive during the day. Move the lights to a sunnier location. And, don’t forget to remove obstructions that may be blocking sunlight from the solar landscape lights.

And when you want to change the battery first read the manual. That is to determine what type of battery the solar landscape lighting need. Most take a universal type, but that can vary. Get spare batteries at a hardware store. Remove the upper part of the light. You may need to use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the top. Burst the piles outside from inside the landscape lights. Put the new interior. Reassemble the solar lights. Tighten the screws. Put the solar landscape lights out in the direct sun for at least two or three hours. This will allow them to recharge before sunset.

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