Smart Outdoor Lighting for Trees

Feb 15th

Smart Outdoor Lighting – Although trees usually provide shade during the day, they can also provide light during the night. With some clever lighting tricks, you do not have to worry about installing lighting or stakes lantern outside porch. In addition, the lighting of the tree gives its outdoor spaces a relaxed, ethereal atmosphere.

During the holiday season, craft stores usually sell hollow glass balloons with a round hole in the side. These are proposed to be filled with Christmas ornaments, but you can fill your stock on them at a discount next the holidays. Slip a votive smart outdoor lighting of 10 hours into each balloon and hang them from the branches of your tree with fishing line. They look especially magical if they hang at eye level; they are easier to light that way, too. Add personality to these simple lights with glass paint, frosted glass spray paint or etching cream. You can make simple designs or paint the balloons of solid colors.

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So, it’s going to change from time to time, but party and magazine stores usually sell 3-inch bulk glow sticks. Choose a smart outdoor lighting color or mix and match colors to hang on your tree. Because all you have to do is “snap” to turn them on, activate the sticks before placing them on the tree. In this way, you can place them between the branches as small colored lights. Add to the effect by throwing a pair around the roots of your tree. This makes the perfect place for a backyard camp or a romantic outdoor dinner for two.

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