Recommended Gauge of Garage Door Sizes

Feb 18th

Garage Door Sizes – A garage door is often the largest opening on the outside of a house. So choose the strong, durable door is essential to making sure your home is protected. The garage door must be able to withstand the effects of wind and weather. As well as bumps and dents of cars, balls and other impacts. When choosing a steel garage door, the gauge, or thickness of the sheet. It can serve as an indication of the strength of the door and the ability to withstand these forces.

Comparing the values of the garage door sizes can be complicated because these numbers are counterintuitive. The smaller the gauge, thicker and stronger than steel, and the higher the gauge, the thinner and weaker the steel. For example, a 24-gauge steel door is thicker, stronger and stronger than a 26-gauge steel door dent.

Garage door sizes generally vary from 24 to 28, although you may be able to find specialized products or cut-off types out of this range. This kind of traditional house advises the choice of 24 gauge doors, due to its durability. The National Association of Realtors also recommends the survival of garage doors of 24 or 25 gauge, as they reduce the risk of dents and damages compared to units 27 or 28 caliber.

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