Recessed Bathroom Lighting Installing Tips

Feb 20th

Recessed Bathroom Lighting – Fake ceilings, also known as false ceilings or acoustic ceilings, are designed to support the weight of the roof and frame shingles, but little else. The addition of objects such as lamps, ceiling fans, track lighting, or recessed lighting. They will require additional support that will be provided for the frame. With a little planning, you can produce professional results.

Determine the exact location of the recessed bathroom lighting is installed. Remove the roof plates in the installation area and place them face up on a hard and smooth surface. Measure each tile to determine the location of the light. Then, use the light as a guide to mark the required aperture. Again to place the roof tiles, make sure to locate in the right direction. So, that the opening is in the correct position. Remove other tiles from the ceiling to gain access to the upper roof area. Attach the additional suspension cables to the frame surrounding each of the tiles with the openings.

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Put installation of recessed bathroom lighting devices in each of the openings. Furthermore, most models of recessed lighting will come with two types of supports. One is designed to be nailed to poles or beams. And the other is designed to expand and clip over the fence of your suspended ceiling. Pass the switch wiring to each of the lighting fixtures. Make sure all connections are secure without showing a bare wire. Code requires cables and wiring to be accepted outside the ceiling grid. In addition, the support must be independent of the suspension cables used to support the roof.

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