Pulley Pendant Lighting Height Adjusment

Feb 19th

Pulley Pendant Lighting – Historically, chandeliers required pulley systems so candles can be lit more easily before being hoisted overhead. With the advent of electricity and increasingly elaborate designs for ceiling lamps, a pulley system has not ceased to be useful, making it easier to clean the often ornate glass and metal structure. If your chandelier does not have a pulley system already, it is a fairly simple platform to make it easier to lift and pull down.

Measure the height of the lamp and the distance from the height of the eyes to your ceiling. That is to determine the ideal position for the chandelier in your room. Position it low if you line up with a table, or higher up in a busy area. Weigh the entire candelabrum with all its glass bracelets attached. Select a pulley pendant lighting that is designed to support the weight of your chandelier. Opt for a slightly stronger pulley, if in doubt. Since the wire that suspends the spider will add a little extra weight.

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Use a study finder to identify a ceiling joist. Select a point along the beam where you can hang your chandelier conveniently. Install a roof box in the joint at that point. Install the fixed pulley instead of standard spider mounting bracket on the roof of the box, where to hang the chandelier. Run the cable or rope through the pulley pendant lighting system.

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