Outdoor Path Lighting with Paper Lamps

Feb 14th

Outdoor Path Lighting – If you do your outdoor party, you can place lights along the path that leads guests from the parking area to the party. This will help make it easier to find the way. You can also create a path with lights in the area of ​​the party and thus define the places where guests can walk to avoid design items. Choose an option for the road with economic outdoor path lighting that creates a festive atmosphere in your event.

Paper lamps are made of simple and inexpensive materials that give a warm glow to the road. To make each lamp, throw about 1 inch (1.5 cm) of sand into the bottom of a medium bag of white or brown paper. Roll the first few inches of the bag out to keep it open. Although you can place simple small candles in the bag, these can pose a fire risk. The safest outdoor path lighting options are small electric candles or small candles in small glass jars. If the party is thematic, you can cut figures in the paper bags before filling them with sand. For example, you can cut the number 40 on the front of the bag in case you are organizing a party for someone who turns 40.

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