Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Themes

Feb 18th

Outdoor Lighting Ideas – Outdoor lighting is an effective design technique that can accentuate various elements of a home or landscape design. And help evoke specific moods through the use of different colors or intensities. There are many ways to use exterior lighting to beautify the appearance of your home. Be creative and use it to improve the natural elements of the architecture of your home or landscape.

When you design outdoor lighting ideas, consider a natural aesthetic to complement the outdoor elements. To achieve a natural effect, soft lighting can be a nice touch because it resembles the moon or the stars. Natural illumination should highlight the scene and not be the center itself. Placing a light under or behind a tree or bush creates a silhouette effect, which draws attention to the elements of the landscape.

Some owners prefer to use outdoor lighting ideas to highlight the architectural characteristics of their home or landscape. A spotlight can illuminate the side of a house, while a focus beam can be use to graze a wall, gazebo or a fence with texture. Up-lighting a facade, arbor or archway can create a dramatic effect. For a more festive look, colorful outdoor lights can be use to accentuate the elements of the landscape. Most of the outdoor lights are pure white, but the polarized lights can be used to create different effects.

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