Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Standard Bright

Feb 19th

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting – When you buy the lighting elements for your outdoor space, forget about power. Which only describes the amount of energy from the uses of light and tells you little about the actual lighting. Instead, look for information on the packaging about the light output. Typical light bulbs emit about 1,000 lumens, which put in about 1,000 lux on the objects inside the surrounding square meter immediately. Remember, however, that lux decreases as you move objects away from the light source.

Outdoor kitchen lighting levels describe how much light falls on a specific object in a certain area. The International System of Units (SI) measures the levels of light emission in lumens. The brightness of the light source that illuminates an object within a square meter is called Lux. The total luminance of the interior room, which is (more or less) the number of lumens in the room divided by the number of square meters in the room. Usually, the averages equal to or less than 100 lux. Spacious rooms or spaces without walls, such as outdoor sections. Need a greater amount of lumens to perform the desired complete lux.

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Ambient lighting elements emit the general light that is used in a space. In outdoor spaces, maintain the level of ambient outdoor kitchen lighting of low lighting. Aim at between 20 and 30 lux. Under the ambient light creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere that does not disturb its neighbors or compete with other elements of exterior design, more specifically lit or work areas.

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