Options for Vanity Bathroom Lighting

Feb 19th

Vanity Bathroom Lighting – When remodeling your bathroom, task lighting is a basic necessity. That you will want to consider, especially in the area of vanity. Layered lighting is the most efficient way to illuminate specific areas – such as showers and clothes cupboards. By the use of individual lamps and effects in each area to accomplish the corresponding tasks. Since you most commonly use the toilet area for grooming, consider your daily regime. When explore the bathroom vanity lighting design ideas.

Individual ceiling lighting is probably the least effective type of vanity bathroom lighting. It is because the overhead light tends to cast shadows on the face. It makes the preparation of a task more difficult. If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom such as a half bath or guest bathroom with little space above or around the vanity mirror. And have no other choice than those of a ceiling lamp install the unit more away from the toilet area instead of directly above it. That is to reduce somewhat the shadow effect.

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The most effective vanity bathroom lighting which will illuminate the grooming area and without casting shadows – consists of vertical lights installed on each side of the mirror. Since the light shines towards the face instead of over it, its reflection will be clearly illuminated in the mirror. Most home improvement retailers carry a large stock of vertical vanity lighting kits. And you can choose from a variety of decorative sconces, back plates, and light bulb covers to suit your personal taste. You can also consider the fluorescent lighting of vertical tubes on both sides of your vanity.

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