New Front Door for a New Home

Feb 17th

New Front Door – The entrance of the house, without a doubt, makes the first impression on those who enter and even pass by. When you are starting a new housing construction project, do not skimp on this area in terms of budget and materials, as it is the only place that establishes your home apart from your neighbors.

Wood and glass are two materials of choice for a new front door. But not any wood. Reengineering wood eliminates moisture problems. This type of material also resists warping, splitting or twisting, increasing the useful life and durability of the entrance. When using glass, avoid the biscuit cutter design from the ordinary appearance of six panels and opt for glass products with detailed patterns and raised moldings. Advances in crystal technology also mean better products that avoid problems such as leaks and drafts, due to better insulation.

Custom-made new front door with side stained glass and crossbars add instant charm to an entrance. Glass inserts and hardware are also invaluable in creating a custom look, often without requiring great expense. Lighting a walkway or casting a glow on the front door, lighting is an integral part of an entrance. If your entry is concrete custom molded, it throws built-in accessories just steps for safety and environment. Reinforce the style of ordinary lighting and opt for hanging lamps instead of a single accessory, reddened above the door. Decorative lanterns on both ends of the walkway also provide good methods to add aesthetic appeal, but functional to an entrance.

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