Modern Barn Door in Great Shape

Feb 14th

Modern Barn Door – We call sliding doors that through a mechanism of rails, open and close. It is by sliding horizontally and parallel to the place where it is installed. The sliding doors, when sliding on themselves can open in opposite directions. It can leave a wide opening or sliding one on another, leaving in the best of the cases only half of the opened opening. These doors are very common in our homes, in different functions and are built in a multitude of materials. They are ideal for dividing integrated spaces. In closets and to integrate interior spaces with patios, balconies, terraces, and gardens.

Modern barn door that moves in opposite directions is known in English as “pocket doors”. At first sight, they may seem like folding doors that open outwards, but the truth is that instead of falling down they move horizontally. They have gained prominence with the boom of rural style and despite their country origin we often see them in large cities. In some cases dealing with authentic barn doors, while other times they are good imitations. They work very well in environments decorated in rustic style. The design, type, and material of the modern barn door will depend to a great extent on the space. But also on the tastes and specific needs of the client.

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