Malibu Landscape Lighting Instructions

Feb 17th

Malibu Landscape Lighting – Many owners use low voltage Malibu exterior lighting. It is to illuminate the architectural features and landscape details. Malibu lighting makes a home and gardens safer and more beautiful at night. Some owners combine low-pressure lamps with solar lights for a complete, economical landscape lighting system. Malibu low-voltage lighting systems are completely shocking free. And, it is also safe for use around children and pets. The installation of a low voltage lighting system is easy. And they make a great project that most homeowners can do for themselves.

Create a Malibu landscape lighting plan. Walk around the yard and look for the outstanding features to highlight. Include the roads, paths, steps that can become a danger in shooting night. Furthermore, spectacular architectural elements and trees and shrubs to highlight. Secure the cable wires for the screws on the back of the waterproof power unit. Mount a Phillips screwdriver tip in the chuck of a cordless drill. Slip one of the mounting screws through each of the four mounting holes in the power unit. Mount the power unit by screwing the screws assembly into an outside wall with the cordless drill. Plug the optical sensor cable into the receptacle on the transformer. Plug the power supply into an outside outlet.

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Turn on the power supply in order to test the appliances. During installation of them to make sure the lights are working properly. Place the cable, the routing according to the Malibu landscape lighting plan. Install the accessories by pushing against the floor. Connect the accessories to the cable by inserting the cable into the connector of the device. And tighten the connector together until it locks. Cover the cable with mulch or dirt for a cleaner appearance.

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