Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Types

Feb 20th

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting – Low voltage lighting systems are consider ideal for outdoor use, as they are energy efficient and easy to install. The systems include lamps, a low voltage cable and a transformer that plugs into an outdoor power outlet. The difference between standard voltage and low voltage lighting is the number of volts use by the system. In general, a standard voltage system uses about 110 volts, while a low voltage system uses about 12 volts. Low-voltage lights, however, produce more lighting than solar lights.

The road or walkway lights sit close to the ground and are use to illuminate the steps, a path or a walkway at night. This low voltage outdoor lighting usually has holdings that sink the ground to hold them in place. The general track lights are available in plastic or metal such as copper or steel. Metal track lights last longer than plastic lights under difficult conditions such as snow or wind. Track lights are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The number of track lights that are in a single package varies, but usually, 10 or more are in package together.

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A spotlight illuminates a particular object, including a tree, decoration and bed garden. In general, low voltage outdoor lighting projectors are simply use to highlight areas of interest in a landscape. But, it can also be use to illuminate dark areas for safety reasons. Each center of attention usually has a hood on top of the light. That is to direct its beam of light towards an object to be illuminated. The projectors are brighter than the track lights and also include a stake to secure them on the ground. In general, the projectors are sold individually or in packages of two lights.

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