Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer Cable Connect

Feb 13th

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer – A transformer provides a low-voltage cable for the lighting of the power source you need. The transformer must have a nominal power greater than the total power used lighting circuit. Add the nominal power of each power cord lighting string of the total lighting circuit. And then buy a transformer with the next highest rating. Many lighting transformers that connect to a wall outlet. And the others are connect to a circuit breaker. The cable lighting cables are connect to the low voltage terminals of the transformer. Cable lights, sometimes call string lights, have applications both indoors and outdoors.

Cut off the low voltage landscape lighting transformer electrical source. Then, examine and determine the type of low voltage connecting transformer cables. Some transformer models are connected to the cable lights with terminal screws, some use terminal tips and some have cables, which look like short cables. Remove 1/4 inch of insulation from the ends of the two wire light cables with wire strippers.

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Prepare the ends of the cable light cables. If the transformer is connected to the low voltage cable wires with spikes, then slide the correct style cable connector onto the stripped wires and tighten the cable connector against the wire with pliers. Connect any of the cable light wires to one of the transformer’s low voltage connections. Then, connect the second wire of the cable light to the second low voltage landscape lighting transformer connection using the same method. As in the connection between light and transformer first cable.

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