Landscape Lighting Parts Installing Tips

Feb 18th

Landscape Lighting Parts – The landscape lighting adds elements of great beauty to our scenarios. The different impressions that these scenes present to our eyes can be really pleasant. And many constructions coexist with part of the environment and at night they generate sensations of great impact. Among some of the techniques for landscape lighting is the “Uplight” light that in some cases is or can be generated by luminaires that are embedded in the floor or in some softer terrain. Using this type of pieces means that we must take special care in its installation so that it can operate without major problems.

The level of installation has more than one factor to take into account. If the landscape lighting parts will be placed on concrete or some other substance and/or solid finish. It is likely that we prefer to install it on the same level as the floor to which we are applying. But, if the parts will be fixed in a softer material such as garden or earth the character is. On the one hand, to install the eyebrow of the part above the level of the floor. And in general, the level should be a little higher than its surroundings. We do not want an accumulation of water to generate a puddle in or around the landscape lighting parts. Usually, these are programmed to receive water but not to be swamped. With this, we run the water away from the circular area of the lighting set.

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