Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Feb 19th

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas – When planning your kitchen lighting, installing task lighting over an island will be a priority for people working in the kitchen. Pendant lighting can provide effective lighting in a variety of styles to complement the decor of your kitchen. To determine the height to hang pendants on top of a cooking island. Consider how to use your island and the height of the people who will use it most often.

Evaluate how to use your kitchen island pendant lighting ideas. If you have a sink or stove on the island along one side, users will use the island while standing along this side. Have the tallest person to use the island stand along the side of the island that contains the stove or sink. Ask another person to sit on the other side of the island, if applicable. Keep the hanging lights so the bottom of the lights is at around 30 inches above the surface of the counter on the island.

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Check the visibility of the person standing while looking across the island at the person sitting on the other side. If the person’s vision allows you to easily see without the intromission of ceiling lighting and without bending your head, the hanging height is adequate. If the person standing has to duck his head to see through the island, raise the kitchen island pendant lighting ideas about 3 inches.

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