Installation of Garage Door Springs

Feb 19th

Garage Door Springs – To install garage door springs, first the age, the broken spring must be removed. Unhook it from the top of the door. Because it is broken, it has no tension and it only has to be released from the hook of celebration that ends. Replace it with a spring of the same size. In fact, it is best to buy two springs and replace both sides at the same time. If one was weak enough to break, then the other is likely to not be left behind.

To install the new garage door springs, raise the garage door. The spring is at its lowest tension, while up. The garage doors are heavy, and without the dock, it will take a little extra muscle to lift. The springs will tighten when the door goes down. So, when the door has to be raised, the springs help lift the door. Place a clamp in the garage door rail just below the door while it is in the raised position so that the door will not fall down during the spring installation.

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Slide the hook through the safety wire, and attach the spring hooking it to the hooks near the upper side rails. The wire will keep the garage door springs from flying away if it breaks. Check the spring to make sure it does not stretch too tight. About 1 inch is the maximum that should be thrown when it is first set in place.

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