Install the Kitchen Lighting Bulbs for Two

Feb 16th

Kitchen Lighting Bulbs – Ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, styles, and types of light bulbs. However, one of the most popular ceiling lights located in the home is the two-bulb connection. While the concept of wiring a two-bulb ceiling lamp can be threatening to any, it is a very simple system that uses about 15 minutes.

Make sure that the power supply to the circuit is off before installing the ceiling kitchen lighting bulbs. Immediately close the switch on the electrical panel that powers the circuit before proceeding. Check the cables on the roof to see whether or not it is right to break any insulation. Check the lamp cables. For a two bulb attachment, there will be two sockets. This means that there will be two black wires and two white wires. Bend the two black wires commonly and bend the two white.

Install the appliance mounting bracket to the ceiling box as directed by the manufacturer. Connect the black wires of the luminaire to the black wire on the ceiling using a cable connector. Connect the white lamp wires with the white wire from the ceiling using another connector. Wrap electrical tape around each cable connector. Connect the ground wire in the accessory to the ground wire in the roof box. Attach the kitchen lighting bulbs to the mounting bracket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Install the two bulbs (properly classified for the appliance) and the lid of the appliance. Turn on the circuit power again and then turn the light switch to test the installation.

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