Install Landscape Lighting Wire for Double

Feb 16th

Landscape Lighting Wire – Each bulb in your house receives electricity through two wires. When you have several light sockets in your light installation, multiply the number of electrical wires you will need to be connected to a power source. The back of a light fixture that looks intimidating. But, always remembers that if you can match black to white and black to white, you can install a light fixture with double wires and even more.

Turn off the switch that supplies electrical power. That connects to the light circuit on the main landscape lighting wire electrical panel. Look for black, or hot, wire and white, or neutral, wire in the electric light box. These are the power supply cables and are connected through the switch and back to the electrical panel. Connect the lamp with double cables to the power cables. Each bulb socket must have a separate black and white cable to supply the bulb with electricity. For note, that the more bulbs, the more cables.

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Connect the two white wires of the light fixture to the white wire. That is located on the electrical box by turning an orange wire nut on the three wires. Connect the two black wires of the lamp with the black wire of the electrical box in the same way you connected the white landscape lighting wire. Install the light fixture to the electric light box according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn on the switch that supplies electrical power to the light circuit on the main electrical panel.

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