IKEA Pendant Lighting Updating Tips

Feb 17th

IKEA Pendant Lighting – Update of ordinary pendant lamps found in IKEA with felt petals. Felt circles will transform the lighting fixture into a focal point that can be hung in a living room, bedroom, room, children’s office or kitchen. The appearance will vary depending on the felt color used, as well as the application style you choose to work with.

IKEA pendant lighting has a wide range of hanging plastic lights available. Choose one those appeals to your existing decor. For example, in a modern and elegant space, a pendant with straight lines is the most appropriate. While a space with an eclectic look will do well with a variety of curves. Illuminate a workspace with a series of pendants or use a solitary light for a reading lamp above your favorite chair. If you decide to make a series of lamps, unify the appearance by adding the petals of the same color.

Cut felt in circles, which will become the petals. White and cream are neutral color options that will work in any space. But you can also use colored felt to suit your decor. One idea is to cut circles of white felt and blue light. Or, the IKEA pendant lighting design of a monochromatic cherry petal lamp with red felt circles. For a child’s room, use a youthful color combination of cherry, lemon, and lime. Cut the felt by hand or with a cloth drilling machine to do the work below the workstation. The circles do not need to be perfectly round and can be 1 to 3 inches in diameter.

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