How to Make Front Door Wreaths

Feb 14th

Front Door Wreaths – Creating your own garlands and wreaths can add charm and a personal touch to the decoration of your home. The colors and types of flowers in these decorations can coordinate care with almost any theme throughout your home. Flower shops and craft shops offer a wide variety of plants and flowers that can be mixed and combined. At the end of your project, you will have a loot or wreath. It is to decorate the entrance door, street lamp or your kitchen wall.

Gather verdure and long-stemmed flowers and arrange in a bouquet as front door wreaths. Fix the stems by turning wire tightly around them several times. Leave enough cable for use as a hanger for your booty. Twist the additional cable to form a loop. Make a loop on the stems, covering the wire underneath. Hang the booty of a nail on the wall or on a door. Or tie front door wreaths around a lamp post or a porch light on your front or back door.

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For a winter holiday bootie or garland, use freshly cut greens and pineapples. Secure them with cable and connect a red ribbon. Wreaths are typically build of foam, straw, vine or wire. Choose the one that best fits the theme or style you are trying to achieve in your home. Enroll in classes that can arrange front door wreaths in a local and central craft. The glue in a glue gun dries quickly, so make sure you know exactly where and what you are gluing. Also, do not touch the tip of the gun or the hot glue as they may burn.

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