How to Install Garage Door Panels

Feb 21st

Garage Door Panels – If the garage door panel has been dented or scratched or otherwise needs to be replaced, installation is simple when the proper steps are followed. When you buy the replacement garage door panel, be sure to get the panel for your manufacturer and the type of door.

First, disconnect the garage door opener. Open the garage door to the end and remove the springs on each side by unhooking them. Close the garage door manually. It will be heavy without the strings attached, so be careful. Open the latch of the hinges that hold the door panel with the other panels and also the track rollers on the panel to be replaced.

Lift the panels above the one you are going to replace by removing them from the shape. And also remove the old panel. Put your new panel in place and screw the lower hinges and track rollers into it. Lower the other panels into place and replace. Lift the back door all the way and replace the springs. You have finished with the installation. The last step is just to make sure that the garage door panels installation has done well. So, take an observe once more and try it.

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