How to Connect Front Door with Sidelights

Feb 13th

Front Door with Sidelights – A front door with sidelights attached is called an entry door system. Furthermore, the frame and sidelights of the door are joined as one piece. It may be necessary to replace the position lights if one of the glass panels cracks or breaks. This can commonly be done in a few hours without returning the complete door or the frame. The old side lights are removed with some simple tools and attached to the existing structure.

First step for front door with sidelights is removes the molding around the outside of the pilot windows. Slide a spatula carefully under the edge of the molding and tap gently with a hammer. Repeat around the entire window to pull the molding age out. Look for the staples that hold the glass in place. They will be every 6 to 12 inches in the rack in front of the cup. Furthermore, pull these staples gently with needle nose pliers. So, you may have to move the staple back and forth to get it released.

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Push the glass out of the frame of front door with sidelights from inside the house. So, you will need someone to pick up the glass or someone to help push it out. Be very careful not to break the glass. Insert the new glass into the frame. Attach the glass to the frame using new staples. Run a thin bead of putty along the rim of the cup on the outside using a putty gun. Press the molded wood into place at the top of the putty. Moreover, it is possible to tape the molding in place with painter’s tape. Wait at shortest 24 hours before discarding the tape.

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