How to Build Barn Door Closet

Feb 13th

Barn Door Closet – A sliding door slides right barn along the wall and is completely out of the way during operation. These doors open in deep snow. And can be opened when the objects are in front of the barn. They can also be partially opened to allow smaller objects to slip into the barn. To allow for easy opening and avoid warping of tracks or styles, you need to build doors lighter than regular barn doors.

Cut the boards 2 by 4 inches to the height and width of the barn door closet to create the frame. This will add a lot of weight, so consider whether additional strength is really necessary. Mount the frame using metal brackets and galvanized nails or screws. Cut across the tube and install it in the center of the frame. Cut the plates at the height of the stable door and place them on the frame. Use a drop of wood glue or adhesive for extra strength.

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Mount the barn door closet rail to the top of the frame, using a precise carpenter level. Mount three to four locking wheels on the bottom of the barn door. The tracks can be located anywhere on the edge of the frame. Measure the distance between the mounted tracks and then install the tracks on the walls of the sheds. Make sure of each measurement, and reassemble if necessary.

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