How to Add Outdoor Accent Lighting

Feb 20th

Outdoor Accent Lighting – Accent lighting in gardening increases the beauty of your home at night. It draws attention to your favorite features and makes your home look safer. There are many options, both in style and price when it comes to exterior lighting. Determine your budget before you begin to explore options to keep at bay. Also, note the amount of work needed to install the new accent lights. If the lights need to be connected to a source of electrical power, the cost of an electrician is added to the overall budget.

Identify the aspects of the landscape you want to accentuate. See your house at night with any lighting of the current landscape on. Note what features of the landscape are currently highlighted and those that are not. Take measurements of the surface to receive the accent lighting. These measures will help determine how many lights to buy. Decide on the type of outdoor accent lighting to use. Rope lights, recessed lights so the track or lights are commonly used for landscape accents.

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Calculate the number of lights needed to provide the desired amount of accent lighting in the landscape. Determine how far to place each light. Use the measurements of the area to determine how many it takes to complete the job. Buy and Install outdoor accent lights that do not require any additional wiring. Use a tape measure to ensure equal spacing between the lights. See the new outdoor accent lighting at night to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Add more accent lighting, as necessary or make adjustments to the current lighting placement.

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