Green Front Door Ideas and Advantages

Feb 14th

Green Front Door – Green is a great color to use in the decoration of our home for many reasons. For some it is the favorite color, others adore it overall colors. And others simply discard it automatically when it comes to redecorating the home. The important thing is that your front door does not scare off good energy. Otherwise, for very good Feng Shui that you have in your house, if good energies do not enter, badly we go.

The green front door is a color of balance that means harmony. Consider using the color green as a color for the exterior of your home, along with bright green plants for the entrance and porch. You can make your home a place where you feel the harmony thanks to the use of green. The color green is everywhere and appears constantly in nature, is traditionally associated with healing and relaxing properties. And also green has an important role in the recovery of our spiritual perspective, connecting body and spirit and providing a deep sense of peace.

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And to finish, the last tip, decorate with plants.  If you have a bit of space, I recommend decorating with plants to have a good Feng Shui door. The idea is to put a good plant on each side of your green front door. If you hear the image of the ancient palaces of the Chinese emperors, on both sides had 2 dragons as guard dogs. In some western buildings, 2 lions are used. In the 21st century, my advice is to use 2 good plants.

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