Glass Door Hardware Accessories Choice

Feb 16th

Glass door hardware comes in various shapes, sizes and weights. They are made of different materials, intended for different uses, and move using different movement systems. One of the more interesting of the movement systems is the current trend called warehouse door hardware, also known as flat hardware. Even though it is the style of door hardware that the author likes, there is nothing here or there.

The design of this article is to handle construction glass door hardware and subsequent anatomy. As stated earlier, doors can come in various shapes and sizes. Here we will talk about the standard 3’x7 ‘door arrangement, the most common door used in most homes. This description will be given as if someone was looking at the door in a closed position.

Starting from, there are two long vertical pieces that run long glass door hardware on both the left and right sides. This is called stiles. At the top and bottom there are two horizontal pieces that lock the vertical stile; this is called top and bottom rail. There are also two other horizontal rails, one above, and the other sitting at the top of the doorknob or handle. The one near the top is called the intermediate or crossing rail, and the one near the center is called the lock rail. Walk vertically in the middle of the door you have what is called mullions. This parallels the sides of the stiles and locks into the horizontal rail just described.

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