Front Door Security Deciding Tips

Feb 21st

Front Door Security – The theft domiciliary remains a serious problem and has worsened with the professionalization of criminals. If you want to live with greater security in your residence, it is necessary to update yourself and increase the current protection level of your home. The entrance door is one of the usual access points for thieves. And, this is where we have to be more careful. We offer you some basic tips to protect your home by choosing a security door for the entrance.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the first defense of a home is the difficulty that the offender encounters when analyzing access. That is why deterrence is the first element of home security. The front door security must show that dissuasive effect, but also other possible external elements of the house. Such as bars, blinds, windows, walls, locks, glass. Do not forget that before a high-level security door the thief would have to use heavier tools. That is to enter with the consequent noise, weight, physical force, blows.

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Then we must distinguish armored doors. The armored door has a wooden structure and frame but is covered with a layer of iron to achieve greater overall robustness. It is the door most used in shops although in homes it is also used. It should not be labeled as a front door security since its resistance is usually low. And it succumbs to a force attack, for example with levers.

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