Front Door Lock with a Key Lock

Feb 18th

Front Door Lock – A bolt of a door gives a firm safety measure when a normal door lock is present. With the lock, the door is less likely to be entered by a person with a screwdriver or a credit card. And kicking in the door is too complicated for most people, making an intruder usually just walk away. The installation of a security lock is easier when one has been installed previously.

Open the door and expose the front door lock-bolt faceplate and lock plate. Remove the two screws on the front plate and take it outside the door. Some faceplates will be connected to the locking bolt. Then the next step is to remove the two screws on the plate strike and bring it out of the door frame. Remove the two screws on the inside of the lock and you can pull on both sides of the door. And then pull the latch-bolt of the door to stripping the door completely of all the components of the age of security lock.

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Insert the new strike plate into the door frame and put the screws back into it. Then, install the bolt latch and back to the screws on the faceplate latch-bolt. Position the key side of the lock on the outside of the door. And the control side on the inside and push them together through the hole in the center of the bolt-bolt. Insert the two long screws through the side of the front door lock knob to complete the installation. Lock and bolt and push and pull the door to make sure the bolt works properly.

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