Front Door Handles DIY Ideas

Feb 17th

Front Door Handles – Enchanted door handles can add an extra spooky detail to your haunted house or a Halloween party. The handle will be observed by anyone who visits. Because it is the way they get into the house and cannot be avoided. Make a rusty enchanted door handle and add some scary accessories to scare your guests and add a thoughtful detail to your embellish the theme.

Cover your workspace with newspapers and put your door handles on the paper. Paint the door handle with black spray paint and allow the paint to dry. Smear whitetail in random areas of the mangoes, but not everywhere. The glue will keep the false oxide. Pour cinnamon powder over the glued areas to create your fake oxide. Let the glue dries on your DIY front door handles.

Install your door handles according to package instructions. Glue some spooky items from your door handles. Get creative items and use them like a hand cut out of latex (found at party supply stores and craft stores on Halloween) or some plastic spiders. Apply the hot glue to the items and hold them to the front door handles until the glue cools and stays in place.

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