DIY Sliding Barn Door Steps

Feb 15th

DIY Sliding Barn Door – Undoubtedly it is one of my favorite pieces of the house, the sliding door that we made for the small room. Which started as the guest bedroom, then we opened access to the living room to be our bedroom. And, when we have finished the attic will be the studio. The doors of this type have a rustic air. Usually, they were taken advantage of old barns, always of wood.

First of all, take measurements of the space to see how high the DIY sliding barn door had to be. With a bit of luck, you will not need to cut it. But, you will have to mark each frieze and cut it. You will also have to measure the width, to calculate how many pieces you will need. Once cut to size, touch them together. A little special glue for wood in the joint. And with the help of a hammer, we fit with each other. Very easy, although somewhat entertaining.

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When it is all together, we place a wood on top and with the help of a tensioning rubber. That we hold so that it makes force. The wood is put to avoid that the force ends curving because the wood is responsible for maintaining the flat surface. It’s time to put the guides of DIY sliding barn door. And in that case, I recommend you follow the instructions at the bottom of the letter they include. Screw the wheels to the top of the frieze door, so it is important that the frieze is thick. Place the handles on both sides where it is most comfortable to open and close. And voila, this is the result! A sliding wooden door made with a frieze, beautiful and very striking, super useful for small spaces.

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