DIY Outdoor Lighting with Recycled Objects

Feb 18th

DIY Outdoor Lighting – Good weather arrives and with him, we frequent our corners of relaxation, terraces, balconies, gardens. We can use anything while we can breathe fresh air surrounded by plants and looking at the sky. The light of the outdoor candles always brings a spectacular atmosphere, a cozy atmosphere for any special event. Such as a light that is for a romantic dinner, a relaxing evening with yourself and a good coffee. The perfect lighting for Yoga or meditation will be good. Or simply because you want to give your garden or green areas the magical and Zen touches. That the light of the candles can provide.

Decorating DIY outdoor lighting with recycled objects is part of something essential. Especially, when economically grooming any room in the home. You will only need some recycled cans, such as fried tomatoes or any canned food, but preferably they are wide. You will also need some templates with the drawings of points that you like. That you will have to glue them provisionally in the cans and work on it.

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We advise you to give DIY outdoor lighting a little paint job, for a better finish. To make the holes, you can use nails and a hammer, or if you have a drill, with a fine drill you can do them too. And finally, you will place a wire so that it fits like a lantern, so you can hang it from anywhere. Once finished our lamp, we will proceed to introduce the candles inside. In this, we advise that to be able to be anti-mosquitoes.

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