Dining Room Pendant Lighting Tips and Ideas

Feb 16th

Dining Room Pendant Lighting – Choosing the ideal luminaire for space like the dining room is not an easy task. We must take into account some points to make our stay in this environment more pleasant. We can choose a central light on the table and/or auxiliary lights that can consist of dichroic or LED. Keep in mind that if you illuminate the dining room with a single point of light. A lot of contrast is created in the space, the more points of light you place. And also achieve the greater the sensation of spaciousness.

There are the classic crystal chandeliers for dining room pendant lighting. That will give elegant touches to this space. The textiles will make it warmer and those of acrylic or metal will give it a modern. And even industrial look. It is ideal to install the luminaire about 85 cm from the table so that the light is projected throughout the room. This is also important so that diners do not feel the sensation of heat when having the luminaire so close.

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In general, this should be warm, you can place some spotlights in the form of a rail. It is in addition to the main dining room pendant lighting. You could control them with a dimmer or a dimmer to create different scenarios since the dining room is used for family gatherings, parties, study, among others. On long tables you can play with several small and equal luminaries, they could all be at the same height or play with them.

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