Color Changing LED Landscape Lighting Works

Feb 13th

Color Changing LED Landscape Lighting – LED lights can be found in many everyday products. They save energy and produce very little heat compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights. They were found by Nick Holonyak in 1962 while working as a scientist at General Electric. Holonyak also create the diode laser and holds more than 40 patents. LED lights has the name as “light emitting diode”. A diode is an electronic part that passes current to flow in just one direction. They found in many household items, from computers to remote controls.

Color changing LED landscape lighting has the ability to last for years and years. The reason is that they do not have filaments like ordinary light bulbs, which means they do not produce large amounts of heat and do not vibrate. LED lights work because an electric current passes over a semiconductor. This chip has two sides: one positive and one negative. The electron flows from the positive to the negative and is the one that produces the light. This causes the chip, which is usually create of arsenic, phosphorus or gallium, to emit a photon or a ray of light. Some of the color changing LED landscape lighting has one or more semiconductors that produce different tonalities. Those that really change color incorporate several diodes within a single unit, which makes it more difficult to distinguish where light is emit from.

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