Building a Barn Door DIY Steps

Feb 21st

Building a Barn Door – There is something very attractive about old-fashioned granaries. They are stately and picturesque, evoking the warmth of the old days. Many modern style barns just do not have the same feeling. Modern barns can look ugly or cold. However, it is possible to change your barn that looks more like old style barns. It is quite simple and can be done in a few hours. When you finish your barn will look like the old barns of yesteryear.

Measure the height and width of the door opening in building a barn door. Remove existing doors or hinges. Measure how many planks it takes to cover the width of the opening. That the number of plates of a hardware store or yard of the wood, in addition to 10 additional to support the purchase. Cut all the boards with the electric saw so that easily the height of the door opening. The boards were divided into two different piles even to make a double door.

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Cut a plank at an angle so that it is aligned with the middle board when angle diagonally from the top of the door. Get the nail in place for building a barn door. Fit the hinges in the door frame. Place them on the top, middle and bottom of the door frame. Use the drill and screwdriver to attach the door handles to the barn door. Hang the barn door from the hinges. Place the padlock or the rope on the doors and clean up any mess left over. You have completed your old barn style doors.

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