Brass Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Idea

Feb 21st

Brass Bathroom Lighting – Many times a bathroom is the last place the design budget dollars are spent. This is due to the misconception that the bathroom is not as important as other rooms. Nothing could be further from the correct one. The bathroom is occupied by long sections of the daily schedule. However, it is a room where safety and lighting are essential. Well placed and proper electrical outlets in good working order should be the cornerstone of a good bathroom design. The next item on the agenda of the bathroom design is lighting. Without adequate lighting, the bathroom becomes a nuisance to enter. Eliminate that problem by paying careful attention to the brass bathroom lighting options and power outlet.

In general, light is needed at more than one point in the bathroom. Evaluate the need for light. Measure the room and buy a ceiling light fixture. Use incandescent light on the ceiling. Get an accessory whose size does not add excessive visual weight to the room. Coordinate the device with other accouterments, especially the lighting fixtures in the mirror or bathroom cabinet. Coordinate metallic finishes on all lighting devices with chrome accessories in the sink and bathtub. Select the accessories housed in pewter or tin with accents. Select accented brass bathroom lighting fittings for bathrooms equipped with brass. Make conservation a family habit. Instruct the electrician to install a voltage regulator for all lighting in the bathroom.

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