Blue Front Door Meaning for 2018

Feb 15th

Blue Front Door – For years interior decorators suggest painting the doors of the houses in white or wood, however, this 2018 that will change for two reasons. The first is to leave the traditional and impose a trend with strong colors and the second is that it depends on the tone you choose will be the energies you will attract to your home.

The blue front door is very important in the home. Whether the exterior or interior since they are the reflection of how you think and feel. If you have one of them wrong to bring or careless try to avoid it. So, that all the bad thoughts you have do not stay with you. Or if you have visitors and come with bad energy do not stay there. The possibilities are multiple, you just have to use your imagination and you will realize how beautiful they can be.

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Chinese Feng Shui gives blue an aqueous designation: calm, tranquility and prosperity. The Bible usually represents the blue color as a celestial color. And if it is dark blue or light it does not matter. Blue also denotes loyalty, so anyone who paints their blue front door indicates a feeling of calm, loyalty and well-being after entering the home.

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