Best Landscape LED Lighting Advantages

Feb 17th

Landscape LED Lighting – The lighting technology based on LEDs,  light-emitting diodes, is advancing by leaps and bounds. Until a few years ago, the LEDs emit a monochromatic light at a low intensity. And that can be dye by passing it through different color filters. However, today an LED can emit light in any spectrum of color and intensity, which makes it a technology applicable to most current lighting devices.

Landscape LED lighting is highly efficient to compare with incandescent lamps. And can reach up to 150 lumens per watt in high-efficiency lamps and 80 lumens per watt in normal. This means that more light is emitted with lower energy consumption, up to 80% less, and pollution. Other advantages of LED lamps are that they have an instant ignition. And it does not produce flickers that can be annoying under prolonged exposure. They reach their maximum brightness from the beginning. And, if they do not want to use at full capacity, they admit dimmers.

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This type of landscape LED lighting technology has evolved exponentially in professional lighting. Because one of the great technical advantages of LED, apart from the chromatic variety, is that the light flow is dirigible to the area. That interests us and light beams are not lost in other areas. The maintenance of these lamps is minimal. And also for the other source of savings in the medium-short term. The initial cost if it is higher than in traditional lighting. But, in the long run, the benefit for the pocket and for the environment is more than remarkable.

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