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July 20, 2019 Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Wall Lighting Height Standard

Bathroom Wall Lighting – Proper, full lighting in the bathroom makes performing tasks such as applying makeup easier. And it makes the room look brighter. Hanging your lighting fixtures at the correct height will help maximize your efficiency and appeal. To find the right heights for your room, follow some guidelines.

Wall sconces create a beautiful extension to a bathroom wall lighting design. Furthermore, it is when you use it as an additional source of general lighting. The correct height for wall fixtures in a bathroom depends on your space and the light fixture. Appliances should be hung high enough to block the view of the bulb. Usually at least 6 feet from the floor. In bathrooms with high ceilings, hang the lights a little higher so they seem proportional to your space. Three to 6 inches taller for each additional foot of the roof height above 8 feet is a good starting point.

Vanity lights are often hung above a courtesy mirror to give you the task of concentrated lighting where you need it. In this case, try to hang the bathroom wall lighting just above the mirror. It allows only one or two inches of space between the bottom of the light and the top of your mirror. If the mirror is also a first aid kit, leave enough space to allow the door to open and close easily.

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