Bathroom Overhead Lighting Height Standard

Feb 16th

Bathroom Overhead Lighting – Bathroom lighting hung at the correct height is not only functional, but also adds character and beauty to your space. A lighting plan for your bathroom should include both overhead and work lighting. Follow some simple tips to make sure that your new lights are hung at the correct height. It is for maximum functionality and appeal.

If your bathroom has a low ceiling, consider a bathroom overhead lighting mounted on the semi-flush or recessed. In this case, your light should be hung according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Which will include information on how low to hang it. Make sure your new light installation is at least 7 feet off the ground. If you are installing a mounting fixture in semi-flush or space and allows. You can also choose to hang lights or wall sconces to add beauty and character to your room.

If you are hanging a spider in your bathroom and will be hanging over an area that receives pedestrian traffic, hang it. So, that the bottom is more than 7 feet off the ground to the bathroom overhead lighting. If you are hanging a chandelier over a bathtub. It is possible to lower it if you find it attractive to look at. However, lighting codes in many areas prohibit spiders hanging less than 8 feet from a bathtub, and other light codes prohibit chandeliers that were hung near a bathtub at all. Consult local lighting codes and always follow them for safety.

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