Barn Door Rollers Lubricate Steps

Feb 14th

Barn Door Rollers – A sliding door is wonderful as it creates an almost invisible barrier between the inside and out. However, it is sometimes necessary to lubricate the sliding door to ensure that it opens and closes easily. Slide a flat screwdriver between the rollers and the pocket, which is located on the bottom of the sliding door. Inspect the rollers, and replace them if necessary.

Dirt and garbage from the wheels by scraping the barn door rollers. Clean more thoroughly with a cloth and denatured alcohol. Spray with silicone spray. Insert the rollers back into the pockets, place a block of wood on them, and lay them down with a twist on the wood with a hammer. Adjust your screws as needed, and then slide out of the way.

Clean the inside and outside of the headboard with a cloth and denatured alcohol. Spray the inside of the headboard with silicon spray. Vacuum the bottom of the sliding door track, wipe it with a cloth and denatured alcohol, and spray it with silicone spray. Add additional lubrication by rubbing the track with a paraffin block. All those steps will help your barn door rollers work well and last longer.

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