Barn Door Locks Replacing Tips

Feb 19th

Barn Door Locks – Locks are bad overuse and misuse over the years. Replacing a lock on a barn door is a simple, simple project that should take only a few minutes. Especially since the barn door already has the previously drilled holes in the previous lock. As you have the correct size of the lock kit, the process will be simple.

Unplug the barn door as a safety precaution. Unscrew the screws from which to block. The barn door locks must be in two parts. One part will be screwed to the barn door and the other part to the body of the barn door. The way the lock works depends on the type. Some have a single latch that attaches and locks the two elements with a key. Others have a detached lock that joins the two parts. Organize your new lock kit. Make sure you have all the parts and screws you need to fix the lock to your barn door. Ideally, you will have a lock that is similar to the one you are replacing, so you will be able to use the same holes to join the two pieces of the lock in the barn door.

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Fit the new barn door locks in the barn door with the appropriate parts and the screwdriver. Make sure you are holding the correct part of the door and the correct part of the body of the barn door. Make sure that the lock is firmly connected and could not be easily removed. Plug in the barn door and try your new lock and unlock it several times. Make sure it locks and unlocks smoothly and without damaging the barn door. Put any key to the lock in a safe place that you will remember.

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